Wool Stress Balls

the only use I have for pantyhose!

the finished product!! I like these much better than the plastic stress balls. they feel warm in my hand. this bunch came out softer than the last batch, but what can I say, wool alchemy?

I’m back, just a bit.

I decided twitter was a bit rough and tumble for me. I don’t actually understand the modern world enough to keep up. I’m the dork who says the thing and then people say the things and then I delete the thing….

anyway, I still feel the need to write crap, so here it is.

Am I better? I dont know. its complicated. I dont work as a nurse anymore, but that has more to do with falling and breaking a few vertebra, as well as an uptick in rheumatoid arthritis. I also had a bit of a concussion. More on that, later.

The end of the blog

I’m going to leave this up as a remembrance of my life before PTSD. Things have changed a lot for me. I don’t work any more. I struggle to sew. I struggle to knit. I go to therapy twice a week. I’ve lost friends. Some have announced they are “not comfortable” with me any more, some have just drifted away as I have stopped doing my old activities.

But all is not lost. I have the support of a wonderful husband and my teenage sons have shown what good men they are going to be. I am training a PTSD service dog with the help of a specialized trainer and not only has that gotten me the courage to go out in public more it has been rewarding and fun! I have found an art therapy group and made some new friends there and learned more about art making. I slowly make progress. The future exists for me now. I’ll finish with a quote. “Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle”.

Thanks for reading all these years. Laura

Yarn stash

So I was looking for that certain ball of yarn, as people do, and when I was done the stash looked like this:


Hmmmm. A bit much for the family to put up with. Also two of those bins were just random bits and bobs that needed to be sorted and reunited with their yarn families or tidied up or something. So after several hours it looks like this:


Which really, trust me is much better.

Oh so pretty!

Its a frister and rossman¬†¬† with red lily decals and I had to have it. Sews a beautiful seam. Came to me already restored by the previous owner and I still feel guilty that I didn’t pay enough.