Yet another hobby?

Meet the doll family. I have no Idea why I am doing this. There is a yard of fabric soaking in tea and a pinch of red koolaide right now,making skin toned fabric, so that I can make more of these things.

Work- well, lets see. go read Jo.
She has a good post on the hobbyist patient. Luckily, as a pedi nurse, I rarely see these. One Munchasen by proxy I will remember till the day I die. ( This means that the mother slowly poisoned and disabled her own child, so that she could be seen as a hero for saving the child. ) One teenager who refused to walk for so long that she needed actual rehab because she was now too weak. That, and a can of ass whupp, and psychatric help that was in the hands of those far more skilled at that kind of thing that I. A few here and there, but nothing like what adults can do to themselves.


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