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Made for Each Other

My nerd score was:

I am nerdier than 83% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Couldn’t beat my partner who was proclaimed “Supreme Nerd” in the same test, but pretty nerdy nonetheless.


more fishy happiness

Fishy Quilt! Raw edge applique, machine embroidery, total happiness. Will most likely end up being for my bed.

Two more weeks of working in hell, then something new. Just found out that my preceptor (trainer, in nurse speak) knits. Oh, joy. Perhaps I will work with fangless co-workers.

A Nice Day’s Work

Nothing like a baby sweater to make me feel productive. Two balls of dk something, and some white for i cord and ribbing. I’ll buy buttons when I know who I’m giving it to, as there are no babies on the horizion, at the moment. It actually took three days, but two of those I had actual work to show up at, and so it would take , I think, about one happy day on the couch to complete. I think this is my new favorite baby sweater- I am going to make a whack of these out of all the random baby yarn I seem to buy. I guess I could make these out of wool, too, for afghans for Afghans. I think they would look nice, all stripey.

Speaking of work, my boss quit. I feel like I’m escaping a shipwreck. Only two more weeks before I change departments.


Isn’t my partener sweet? All those nice things to say. Got me a new spindle, from the Bosworths, made out of a moose antler. (Excellent visual of me spinning on a whole antler.) Just made from part of the antler, I mean. I like it. I’m trying to spin at least a tiny bit every day. I have a three day streak going. Photos tommorow.- wait there’s a photo on the website. Scroll down.

Guest blogging

Guest Blogger: Woolywoman’s partner

Ten random things:

1. Woolywoman and I have a pinky pact that we will not gain weight. This pinky pact has been in effect for over 10 years in which time we have collectively added 70 pounds. I still madly desire her. I don’t know how she stands my lard a**.

2. You need to take your mittens off before you pee. Obvious to most, but must be pointed out to someone under five years old.

3. Don’t make fun of comic strip characters who spend a small fortune on vet care (Kitty the cat was saved!) until you face a similar dilemma.

4. Thinking about a problem by framing it in terms of, “If I were single, I would do …” doesn’t help one little bit because you aren’t single and you’re unlikely to be until one of you dies.

5. Almost anything can be fun to read to your partner. We have had fun reading the phone book (I never knew there were so many different types of Christians), the rose catalog, and the molecule of the month. (Check out how that hemoglobin folds … ooh, la la.) More conventionally, we have read Travels with Charlie to each other twice.

6. Expensive jewelry is the only appropriate gift to accompany your partner’s giving birth.

7. The Ritz Carlton in Chicago can make you feel special and the Ritz in Atlanta can makes you feel like you don’t belong there.

8. Mouth feel is real and you can be trained to pay attention to it even if you had no idea what it was before it was pointed out to you.

9. Ditto the importance of presentation for food.

10. It can be hard to come up with ten random things, but fun. One last thing is you either get the brilliance of snakes on a plane or you don’t. I do. Woollywoman doesn’t.

This has been a post of the emergency guest blogger network. Please stay tuned and we will resume regular programming shortly.

Must Have More Pond

Thanks to all of you who commented or emailed- I appreciate the support. I’m changing jobs, going to a lower stress position. I’ll be teaching people who are going home and need to know how to deal with whatever medical gizmo we’ve stuck to them. Even when people are going home to die, that’s much better than staying in hospital to die.

The hardest thing I have done is stand by people when they learn that their child is going to die. Eventually, most people find some way of dealing with the ultimate loss- that of their child. We humans are not meant to outlive our children. Though the bad things happen whether I am there or not, I have just been there too many times, and I need a break. Caring for people who are going home; either to die or to get well, will be a nice change. I have been looking at the same plastic plant for a very long time. Heck, I don’t even know my way around the hospital very well- just my current floor and then CT, radiology, etc.

I am wearing the one Turkish style sock that I finished a long while ago. I am hoping to encourage the progress on the second sock- only twelve rows to completion, but I have BAD SSS (second sock syndrome)