Guest blogging

Guest Blogger: Woolywoman’s partner

Ten random things:

1. Woolywoman and I have a pinky pact that we will not gain weight. This pinky pact has been in effect for over 10 years in which time we have collectively added 70 pounds. I still madly desire her. I don’t know how she stands my lard a**.

2. You need to take your mittens off before you pee. Obvious to most, but must be pointed out to someone under five years old.

3. Don’t make fun of comic strip characters who spend a small fortune on vet care (Kitty the cat was saved!) until you face a similar dilemma.

4. Thinking about a problem by framing it in terms of, “If I were single, I would do …” doesn’t help one little bit because you aren’t single and you’re unlikely to be until one of you dies.

5. Almost anything can be fun to read to your partner. We have had fun reading the phone book (I never knew there were so many different types of Christians), the rose catalog, and the molecule of the month. (Check out how that hemoglobin folds … ooh, la la.) More conventionally, we have read Travels with Charlie to each other twice.

6. Expensive jewelry is the only appropriate gift to accompany your partner’s giving birth.

7. The Ritz Carlton in Chicago can make you feel special and the Ritz in Atlanta can makes you feel like you don’t belong there.

8. Mouth feel is real and you can be trained to pay attention to it even if you had no idea what it was before it was pointed out to you.

9. Ditto the importance of presentation for food.

10. It can be hard to come up with ten random things, but fun. One last thing is you either get the brilliance of snakes on a plane or you don’t. I do. Woollywoman doesn’t.

This has been a post of the emergency guest blogger network. Please stay tuned and we will resume regular programming shortly.


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