Made for Each Other

My nerd score was:

I am nerdier than 83% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Couldn’t beat my partner who was proclaimed “Supreme Nerd” in the same test, but pretty nerdy nonetheless.


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  1. Odd. I got only a 70. It may have been the lack of dirty clothes/decaying food, or the fact that I liked English more than math. Or it could have been using Windows and not being completely sure of my IP address.Yeah, Windows, that’s it. That way I can blame Bill Gates. Everyone else does. (That other comment was me too. Lack of spell checking, and I didn’t realize I’d leave a marker. Sorry.)

  2. Wow. I got Supreme Nerd, which really surprises me. Especially since I, too, am lacking food on the floor and dirty laundry in the bed. Adamant is right: it’s Bill Gates’s fault.

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