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It’s summer vay-cay. Yep the big son is out for the summer. Of course, the little son just started four day a week preschool, but still, it’s summer. Well, no I don’t get any vacation time this summer, because I am still fairly low senority, and we can’t really go any where, because my smart husband is still sort of mostly unemployed. But summer, none the less. Perhaps the weather will cooperate. I am off tommorow, and Saturday, and Sunday. I own giant heaps of yarn and fabric, I have two charming children, a brace of dogs, and I live in a lovely town near the actual Pacific Ocean. If I had been told, during my long boring suburban child hood, where I live within walking distance to NOTHING, not a payphone, not a pretty view, NOTHING that I would grow up to live within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean, I would have not believed you. I like it here, yes I do.


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  1. Here from Lene’s blog, trying to figure out how to email you like you asked… I’ve got an email addy posted at the bottom of the pattern pages on my site, if that helps any.

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