I’m Sorry

To my coworkers: You know how I kept insisting, all day, that what I had was an allergic/asthma thing? How I touched the phone, the mouse, and the keyboard? Well, I was wrong. You were right. I have a temp, an attitude problem, and green snot. I also have asthma, but there do seem to be microbes. (I’m sure that the attitude problem is caused by microbes. Really. Don’t stand close enough to bug me or you’ll really catch it.)

I went to the yarn store on the way home, and spent , um a lot of money. So much for the knit from the stash thing that’s going around the blogsphere. But, if sock yarn doesn’t count, than maybe laceweight really doesn’t count. I which case, forget I said anything.

I am hiding in my bed. My son is playing computer games on pbskids.org, and I have captured the last box of Kleenex. Send in orange juice.


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