It sucks. It really, really, does. I am just squeaking by on daily life. Blogging has fallen by the wayside. Sorry, folks. When I get my brain back, I’ll start blogging again . I’m grateful for any good thoughts or prayers sent my way.


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  1. Prayer said, and hugs sent your way. Look for me next week, because I absolutely can’t wait to see you! And you don’t even have to read the name tag on the backpack this time.

  2. See you next week! I’m not hard to find, just listen for the screeches of anybody who turns around at the wrong moment and puts their feet under my wheels. Rollin! (Sing it.) Rollin! Rollin on the rib(bing)er. Stitches!

  3. Hey you. I blogged your beautiful shawl you made me, I hope you don’t mind. But it was just so much the comfort I so much needed to wrap around me that day; my daughter with ITP had had to have five units of platelets, my friend’s (and my husband’s cousin’s) son was miraculously recovering from a 30 foot fall off a ski lift at Tahoe–gives new meaning to the term Spring Break (femur, arm)… I knew I was supposed to be grateful they were okay. But it felt like just a lot all at once, and I just plain needed a hug. I was and am so grateful for your purple and blue hug, and it helped see me through all that. So I blogged it, hoping you wouldn’t mind. You did me so much good. Thank you!!

  4. Sorry to hear you were struggling with the blues. But I am just so happy to have come across your site. I just recently learned how to knit – the ripples are way beyond my skill level, though something I’ll aspire to. Hope you’re feeling better.

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