Monthly Archives: May 2007


Poor Alison has been reading the archives- clearly I need to up the output around here.

Work, well, today I witnessed informed consent for someone who is very hard of hearing. The entire sep down unit is now fully informed of the risks and benifits of a PICC line. Maybe we should have gotten consent from everyone, just to save time in the future. It was pretty funny in the way that nursing is often funny- horrible, but funny. The PICC nurse was bellowing away about the risk of infection, embolus, and nerve damage, making it sound dire. Then a more cheery bellow about how the line can last for up to a year, and most blood draws can be done from it, so no more sticks. She signed.

Knitting. Socks, except I’ve noticed that I don’t like most of my vast stash of sock yarn. I don’t know if my tastes have changed, or if I am just sick of the site of it. I’m going to try and work my way through Lucy Neatby’s book, and see if that perks things up.

Like thousands of other people, I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool, and had a grand time. Won a prize for spinning blind folded, which was fun, and the friend I was with bought her first spindle, so, Bwhhhaaaaaa, she is now a member of the club. I was about to add a photo of a dear little goat, but apparently I am not smart enough to use the new updated blogger, and so that will have to wait untill my technical support dude returns from out of town.