Alison Hyde is the first person that I met on the internet and then became friends with IRL. To all who know her, she is lovely and kind, graceful under the many challenges that she faces, and a wicked good knitter. Now, she is also the author of a lovely new book– I got to fondle and drool over the patterns when I saw her at the Harlot event. Now, I adore Alison, and I am not alone in this. But this is a damn nice book- patterns that are fun, interesting knits- some of them will be a stretch for me, but all of them will be worth it. I’d buy this book even if I didn’t adore Alison. She had to pry her advance copy out of my reluctant hands. Alison is wearing one in this picture, as is her test knitter in the teal shawl to her right. ANd, think, I Knew Her When….


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  1. Hey! To think I knew *you* when! Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. I was so thrilled and so surprised to see you. I am so glad you came. THANK YOU!!!

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