Monthly Archives: August 2007

Unsatisfactory Sleeve Cap

I was short rowing away on the Circus Tent Cardigan when I noticed something unsightly. Very unsightly, and unacceptable. Rip. Went into the worlds nicest yarn shop, Alameda Yarn Company, and the owner showed me how to knit a sleeve cap flat. Too bad. I think i could short row in a sleeve cap in solid color yarn, though. But when have I ever knit in a solid color?

A Little Slip

Rachel is closing her yarn store. I helped get rid of all that pesky Koigu. The mohair is Ironstone something. I’m making a shawl with it, and the yellow stuff nestled next to it. Rachel closing the store is bitter sweet. It is wonderful that she is taking care of herself and her family, and she will have a lot more time for that. Sad that this chapter is over.

Of course she could pull a Gail on us. Gail retired and closed her yarn store of thirty five years. Two weeks later, she had a new location, an new store name, and a new place. She says she got bored. When I get bored I but yarn. When she gets bored….well lets just be glad she’s found something to busy herself with, shall we?

Other earth shattering news- I have a cold. SO not fair to have a summer cold. The children gave it too me, of course. I actually have sick time accumulated. I think that means I like this job, because I am not using sick time the moment I got it. Oddly enough, I was sick a lot more in the old job. Stress? Lack of sleep? Bad vibes? Who knows. Since five of us share two computers and two phones, it seems that calling in is actually kinder to my colleagues than going in, even with the increased work load. Also, my cheeks hurt, and I cannot be nice to people when my face hurts. Did mention the nose blowing? Yuck. Go wash your hands right now, in case the computer catches this virus I have…

Too Stupid To Count To 18

Yes, folks, I am too stupid ( distracted, worried, tired) to count to 18, and thus the new feather and fan stole ( f&f has a repeat of 18) has been ripped right out. (An aside: though I find the lame joke about frog/knitting/eg rip it, rip it to be a funny lame joke, I cannot bring myself to say that I ‘frogged‘ something.) Yes, I ripped it out. SO, I have a pair of brand new addi lace needles-( I like the knit picks ones more, actually, and considering that Knitpicks are about a third less expensive, that’s a good thing.) I have a brand new skein of Misti Alpaca laceweight, and I have a gauge swatch in feather and fan. I have decided to see how far 475 yards of laceweight goes in a dish cloth shawl. Started with one stitch in one corner and will increase one stitch per row until it’s almost gone. Any guesses on how big it will be?

A month!

Where does the time go? Well, some of it went to the seven stages of mourning for my digital camera. You know- denial, anger, bargaining, hitting the camera with a hammer. Like that. Some of it has gone to a super busy work schedule. If I ever wonder about wanting to work full time again, hit me on the head with a big bottle of Tylenol. Extra strength. Luckily, this is only for the next two weeks and then everyone is done with their vacations and I can stop posing as a full time worker. ANd naybe I’ll be able to move my neck in a larger range of motion. Or not. Whatever.

I am knitting a sweater that I could show you, but I am dependent on my camera for that, and it has forsaken me for a higher plane. Oh, yes, and there’s a quilt I finished, but it is, alas, too large to fit on the scanner. But got check out this book– the quilts are wonderful, the color sense is wonderful, and the whole thing has turned me into a fabric addict.