A month!

Where does the time go? Well, some of it went to the seven stages of mourning for my digital camera. You know- denial, anger, bargaining, hitting the camera with a hammer. Like that. Some of it has gone to a super busy work schedule. If I ever wonder about wanting to work full time again, hit me on the head with a big bottle of Tylenol. Extra strength. Luckily, this is only for the next two weeks and then everyone is done with their vacations and I can stop posing as a full time worker. ANd naybe I’ll be able to move my neck in a larger range of motion. Or not. Whatever.

I am knitting a sweater that I could show you, but I am dependent on my camera for that, and it has forsaken me for a higher plane. Oh, yes, and there’s a quilt I finished, but it is, alas, too large to fit on the scanner. But got check out this book– the quilts are wonderful, the color sense is wonderful, and the whole thing has turned me into a fabric addict.


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  1. There you are! Yay! When your schedule calms down, maybe I could entice you away from the quilt side and check out your LYS with you? Are you going to TKGA in Oakland in September?

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