Too Stupid To Count To 18

Yes, folks, I am too stupid ( distracted, worried, tired) to count to 18, and thus the new feather and fan stole ( f&f has a repeat of 18) has been ripped right out. (An aside: though I find the lame joke about frog/knitting/eg rip it, rip it to be a funny lame joke, I cannot bring myself to say that I ‘frogged‘ something.) Yes, I ripped it out. SO, I have a pair of brand new addi lace needles-( I like the knit picks ones more, actually, and considering that Knitpicks are about a third less expensive, that’s a good thing.) I have a brand new skein of Misti Alpaca laceweight, and I have a gauge swatch in feather and fan. I have decided to see how far 475 yards of laceweight goes in a dish cloth shawl. Started with one stitch in one corner and will increase one stitch per row until it’s almost gone. Any guesses on how big it will be?


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  1. That’s why I think some lace patterns are easier than feather and fan: they repeat a lot faster. Barbara Walker’s little arrowhead lace is a lot more visually obvious as you go along, and no counting.

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