Fiber Friday

I’ve been spending my Fridays off in fiber/spinning. I want to be a better spinner, so in order to do so, I need to spin more, right? I’m working at getting past the hoarding mentality I’ve had- That is, keeping the good stuff for when I’m a better spinner and only spinning things that are cheap or boring. Bah! to the dye pot!

All of the below were dyed with Jaquard Acid dye- colors today were purple, lilac, fire red, Aztec gold, turquoise, and kelly green. Kelly needs to be toned down a bit- a little fluorescent in the roving on the gate. Other wise, I am very very pleased.


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  1. Very, very cool. Gorgeous colors. You’re going to get me pulling out my wheel in a minute. And my dyepot. That’s the best part about blogging and reading blogs–getting the creative spark going. Your pictures here certainly do for me. Well done!

  2. Ooh, is the spun yarn on the top picture the result of spinning the two fibers in the same picture? I love it!It looks like you’ve got lots of fun spinning ahead (at a reasonable price, too!)

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