Baby Jacket

Here’s a jacket I mad to use up all the Lamb’s Pride bits I had. I love singles yarns.

I made this with afghans for Afghans in mind. The latest email from them however, is asking for bigger kid stuff. I think I will make some of the wonderful Lopi socks ( why does no one spell it sox? I love the way that looks and one so rarely gets to type an x) ANYway, they are a 35 stitch sock pattern that makes up faster than fast, and I have got to face facts about my Lopi stash. That is, it’s too hot where I live to wear Lopi, or any bulky wool, and that and the White Buffalo Unspun that I went a little nuts over are taking up an entire amoire. I could use the space , frankly. Actually, I was doing pretty good on the stash reduction until my two LYSOs decided to close their stores. I need to get back at the stash management. Not necessarily reduction, mind you, but the organization of
whatever it is in those tubs, and getting some charity knitting done, and finding the perfect pattern for a Kureyon sweater.

I love the jaunty way the belt ties on this sweater. The pattern called for the ties to be tied in a bow, but I thought that would make an uncomfortable lump for the baby to lie on


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  1. You know, I thought about that. But afghans are a very overwhelming project for me. I can’t take it any where, because of the size. I almost never get to knit at home. I also thought that rather than one blanket, which would keep one person or teo warm, that warm socks might benifit more people. I’m sure there’s an economics term for that. But, then again, maybe an afghan done in squares….

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