Quilt Show

Well, I hung a quilt in our local, non juried, non judged quilt show. I’m not really sure what my idea was in doing so. Our local shop has it as a fund raiser for a worthy cause every year, and some one off handedly mentioned it to me, so I did. I didn’t feel particularly invited, but I didn’t feel un invited, so I tried to get over myself.

I think I thought that it would feel like more of a milestone, and that’s why the hollow feeling about it. Maybe I was looking for praise, and that is always the wrong way to go into these things. Like most adventures, I would have had a better chance in getting somewhere if I had first thought out where I was going!

Another interesting thing that happened was that I discovered that my step father did not know that quilts were used as an art media. He was just fascinated that people bought fabric just to cut it up. The he said, ( get ready) if I wanted to make him one he would put it on his bed. Wow, really? My mother, on the other hand, was very taken aback that she was admonished for touching quilts. Her thought was that they were all machine washable…..perhaps I was adopted.

In any case, my quilt made it home, and it looks wonderful on the daybed that we use as a couch in the play room. I plumed up all the pillows and finally hung some posters down there, too. I should take a picture while it’s still clean.

There were other, lovely quilts there, but I somehow managed to blur a lot of photos, so I will spare you.


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  1. That’s a beautiful quilt! And the flower reminds me of a Black-Eyed Susan, the state flower of Maryland. (I know, I’m a one-track mind at the moment.)And no, you don’t get the acidity from your fingertips on someone’s heirloom quilt, and you don’t even sit on the bed on top of one. Unless, say, it’s a $25 queen size made in China don’t know the slave laborers in person mass-produced with really cheap fabrics so yeah it’s machine washable I suppose now that it’s been sat on and wrecked-type quilt… Guess what I’ve got. And guess why the quilt top is well shredded and I use the plain white backing for blocking my laceknitting on–it might as well be useful. Don’t let that happen to one you made. Especially not one as truly nice as that one is.

  2. I’ll praise you too. I’m just getting into quilting myself and I think the quilt you submitted is really beautiful.Keep in mind that many milestones do feel hollow ultimately. You spend a huge amount of time and effort working toward something and then it is just done. My graduate work felt just the same way.

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