Quilt with Dog

Clearly, she’s brilliant. She immediately knew it was a quilt, the moment I laid it on the just swept floor to baste. She was also able to instantly detect that it had less than the proper amount of dog hair on it, so perhaps her big fuzz butt was required. Quite the girl, our Ginger.

My 9 yo son helped a lot with this one. He did a good bit of the strip piecing and helped with lay out decisions. He said the house makes it look like a farmer’s fields, so that’s what we’ll call it.

I wish I could pay for the long arm quilter to quilt every single top, as she does beautiful work. In stead I will probably just do some minimal straight line quilting on the machine through the indigo parts. I was pretty happy to find this much indigo dyed cotton at a fabric outlet place. It will look really nice as it fades.


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  1. My mom had a long-arm quilting machine, and gave it away when she and Dad retired and sold their big house for a small condo–no room anymore. If you ever need any feedback or tips before buying one, I can do what I’ve done all my life, ie, go ask Mom.

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