A late dahlia in the garden. (scroll down) led me to this, which, is, of course, leading to bigger quilt. I finally got the 1958 elna set up to free motion quilt ( sew in lines that spiral or squiggle). I am very happy about that. It will not be all matching fabric, as this is Budget Recovery Month, so i am working from stash for as long as possible. Last year I made it to mid Feb without a yarn or fabric purchase. This year, I’m committing to Jan, but I’ll see how it goes.

I have had five blissful days off work, and am going to have to drag my butt back in tomorrow. It’s funny, because I really like my job. I just like sleeping late, staying up late, sewing, spinning and knitting more. When I put it that way, I guess it’s not so funny, anymore!

I think this might be the push I need to dye quilting fabric. I’m really low on greens. I actually think green is my neutral. I’ve at least never seen a leaf not go with a flower, and If it’s good enough for Ma Nature, its good enough for me. Going to go write on my new calender, in March “buy green fabric”.


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