A Snowballs Chance in A Rose Garden

As in- snowball quilt. Here are just the blocks ( sorry, blurry) as laid out by my Random Quilt Generator ( that would be the son).

But then I got distracted by the idea of it being a rose garden, and I would want a fish pond in my garden, so I sewed this one. I either need to make more blocks or start thinking of maybe of keeping it as a lap quilt. I think I need more snowball blocks, to get the snowball magic effect of octagons looking like circles. However, this is budget recovery month and I am pretty short on reds. So, maybe one or two more rounds of snowballs.


2 responses »

  1. Random Quilt Generator. I love it! If that had been my boys back in the day, the randomness would have included how many rooms in the house the pieces were scattered into as they ran through the laid-out pieces.

  2. Woolywoman…You are living life right!My Random Block generator is now 24 years old, but what good times we had…and he developed a great eye for colors!

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