Aprons have been quite the thing in the craft blogosphere this last little while. I worked in kitchens when I was young, and wore aprons. We never had any around the house when I was growing up- my mom hates to cook and once told me that flour made the kitchen messy, so don’t bake. Actually, she rarely has any flour in her kitchen. We grew up eating out and liking it. My husband is a very good cook in a daily sort of way. He has a knack for looking at the fridge contents and somehow turning it into an appealing supper. I’m better at cooking big quantities, feeding crowds, and making impressive baked goods. We are a nice fit. He never wears an apron, though, and I always do. I hate wrecking my clothes when I cook, and I’m way to hurried and careless to not wreck my clothes.


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  1. My mom loves to cook–it’s her biggest creative outlet, and she does it with gusto–and always, always wears an apron. Me, I have to make myself remember to put one on. But yet there’s something quite comforting to me in seeing someone else in a kitchen with one on.

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