I was the quilter with potty mouth…

at the wonderful class I took last weekend. There you see Freddy Moran showing us Gwen Marston’s little house in the big woods. They brought almost every single quilt in their book Collaborative Quilting. I cannot say how wonderful it was to see and touch the huge pile of quilts. No white glove ladies- we were allowed to rummage at will. The class was fast paced and covered a lot of ground, but always in the format of lecture- show and tell- sewing- discussion. I had been sewing parts of quilts as per the book for about a month, and so I was able to finish a quilt top. The teachers both took individual time with ever single student and had a nice balance between giving constructive criticism and finding something to praise. It was the kind of experience where the hours flew by, we ate lunch at our machines, and we lingered after class was over.

I am beyond happy that I went. I learned quite a bit. The potty mouth part was this: I had spilled a whole new box of pins, and said, with my usual abandon “oh, shit” A student who had traveled here from Texas to take the class admonished me” watch the potty mouth! This is a quilting class, not a bar!” My response: “well, damn, that explains why my drink order never came. I just thought I had a shitty waitress”. Not mature but satisfying.


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  1. I ADORE your answer. I’d love to sit in class with you – there’s nothing I enjoy more than down-to-earth people who are quick-witted. Way to go!!

  2. Oh what an amazing class. I am sooo jealous. So incredible to get to see those quilts and spend time with those two fantastic quilters. And sounds like this class was a much better fit for your personality, at least as far as the teachers goes.

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