old quilt

THis was made by great grandmother. I’m guessing that it was a lot brighter when she made it- reportedly her favorite color combination was green and orange. You can see on the lower right that this top was put over another top after it was worn out. I’m thinking of making a copy of this quilt, sort of. First, she hand sewed all of the flower and leaf shapes. She was a really great embroiderer. Me, not so much. I will most likely make the blocks bigger, so that the work will be easier to do and the quilt larger.

Worked today and realized that I don’t hate my job, any more. Although I did have a diabetic tell me that “insulin is for suckers” and that checking one’s blood sugar is “too repetitive” . Wow, some new excuses that I had never had before! My other patient, who was to go home today apparently had some type of aspiration or episode and is not expected to live much longer. Thank goodness I checked the chart before barreling in the room in maximum cheerful aren’t we happy to go home today mode. The only saving grace is that this is an extremely elderly person surrounded by a close loving family. It will, I hope, be a peaceful death.The other two patients were less notable, but very nice people. I got to take both a thirty minute lunch and a fifteen minute break, and it was a very nice day. (Yes- I realize that the thirty minute lunch and fifteen minute break were passed into national labor law in , like, 1947, but it really doesn’t have much to do with most nurse’s daily life. I try to care, but most people accept it and shrug.)

The chickens are much bigger. More like pigeons than chicks. Pretty nice around here.


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