Cell Phone Superhero

So I’m driving the son somewhere in our nearby big city, and I hear a car honk. At the light, a dentally challenged, ball cap wearing, extra from Deliverance gets out of his car and begins screaming at the suit and tie wearing man in the car behind him. I leave the actual fighting words used to your imagination, but he used all the ones that their ethnic and class differences allowed for and proved that it is possible to enunciate an F sound without front teeth.

The gist of his rage is that he was cut off. By the car behind him. My son pointed out, in horrified fascination that it’s really hard to be cut off by a car that is now behind you. I was swirling with the rage and sick fear of this-would he draw a gun? Would the man in the suit get out of his car? I could call 911, but it takes forever and we all know that it’s not real 911, it’s cell phone 911. I look at the cell phone, and it comes to me. Take pictures. I lower the passenger window and begin to click away. The perp turns at that familiar sound, gets in his car, and goes away. MMhhmmm, nice to look like I actually did something to the kid, at least. I’m going to try and remember this, as it at least felt like I was doing something, even if I didn’t.


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  1. Oh my, I think you are my hero! Not only would I not think of taking pictures but I’d probably be too scared to do it! I hate confrontation of any kind even if it’s between two people I don’t know and will never see again. Why can’t people just act nice?

  2. But you did, and hugely so. You made that man know he was accountable to you personally, and you stood up publicly for the man behind you, a total stranger, and rescued him. You ARE a hero. Your immediate reaction was one that presented yourself as the type of person who would show up in court with the evidence you were actively creating. For all he knew, you had already recited his license number to the cops and he needed to scram.Cellphone 911 has been hugely improved in the last few months in northern California, by the way. Meantime, thank you thank you thank you, as one who has been not only threatened but hit and hurt by a stranger behind the wheel like that, who taunted me that “Nobody saw that. Nothing happened here.” You did and you stopped it and that other man was able to leave the scene unhurt because of you. BRAVO!!!

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