Drawing Room Quilt Top

Anna Maria Horner is this new to me fabric designer, with some wonderful fabric. I went into the fabric store the other day and discovered that she had the whole line of it. It is a wide, complicated large scale fabric, and I was cogitating on how best to use it in a quilt, other than as a really cool backing. I went down to the bookshelf to do some reading and see what the gurus have to say about large scale prints, but that little voice in my head just whisperd- “cut it up, and then sew it back together” so, of course, I did.
I think one more border on the bottom, and that will be that. I have a really nice blue floral that I want on the back.

Other news is that Chronic Pain has been for a visit. I overdid things while building the hen house. I was desperate to get those birds out of the dog crate in the pantry. A dog crate with itty baby chicks in it is just fine- a cage with two vast pooping hens is something else. Their cuteness has been restored by their removal to the yard. But in the process, I’ve done some damage and I am hoping that Chronic- or Miss Pain as she prefers to be known- is planning a short visit. One never knows, as she is an ungrateful and tiring guest. Lene is learning the same lesson- it somehow makes me feel better that we all push to do as much as possible, and that hardheadedness seems to be in abundant supply.


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  1. Oh amen and I’m so sorry! Get better!Said the woman on extreme overdo yesterday, trying to keep visiting in-laws happy while my plumbing went berserk beyond all past experiences with such things. Trying not to allow myself to think that I’m starting to flare. (NO!!!!)

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