Houses at NIght

Last night, after dinner, I made these twelve houses. Usually, I make the house and then the background all at once. This time I made and pressed the houses and then thought about the background. I’m glad I did. I have been thinking a lot about last weekend. Five people were shot and killed, in five separate instances, in the big city that borders my small town. I kept thinking about my safe little town, with its beautiful parks and historic houses. I can walk my dog at night, go to the store at night, sit on my porch at night, never a fear. The murder rate here was two, last year. Five miles away, mothers and fathers put their children to sleep on the floor, because that is supposed to make it less likely that they will be killed by a stray bullet. I work with some of those mothers and fathers in my big city hospital. They are me, at a different address.

The back ground fabric is little yellow and white stars and moons. (I wanted to put in a close up shot but blogger is uncooperative at the moment.) I have had this fabric for a few years, and never been able to use it well. It always ended up looking like a Halloween quilt. Here it is my beautiful little town, at night, we are all safe, or at least safer, and I am very, very, grateful for that.


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  1. Ohhh lovely lovely fabrics and gorgeous colours. It’s great. I know what you mean. We live in a very rural part of France. Hardly any burglaries, shootings, etc. When something does happen it’s in the headlines for days! DD is horrified (as we all are) about the number of shootings/stabbings in the UK.PS will you build me a hen house like yours please šŸ™‚

  2. great quilt-it is good to know you live in a safe place with your children and appreciate the contrast of nearby not so safe places.

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