I leave early Sunday for a week of sun and fun with the family. I work Saturday, so this is may last day to pack. I am, of course, casting on a new project to take. Go look. Isn’t that how everyone packs? DH has gone to the store to buy cereal and granola bars, because we’re the kind of classy family that eats breakfast from food we packed in our suitcases . I may not have much connection with my Polish immigrant roots, but damn it, I know how to travel in steerage.

No quilting, but I will take the camera. Maybe I’ll make one of those landscape quilts when I get back. Happy 4th of July to all the American readers ( right, like I have a big international following. More realistic, Happy Fourth to my brother and best friend, any any one else who has stumbled by.) See you in a week!


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  1. Oh, that’s funny! (Typed the woman with beef jerky in her knitting bag on the airplane last week; you never know, right?…) Have a great vacation!

  2. well I have to say I have a everyday Laurel Burch big bag, that comes with me everywhere. There is no disgrace in being prepared. I will have packages of oatmeal and bananas a bag of trailmix with lots of dried cherries in it. Personally I believe you are well organized. lol

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