Not too bad from far off. (Scroll down a few posts to see the link to Tonya’s fungly challenge.) I like how the half square triangles combine to make a bigger pattern of sorts. Of course, we kept it from being too consistent. My friend and I laid it out on my Design Floor. She ironed, I sewed. If you don’t have a friend who finds ironing relaxing, I recommend you go get one. ( I also have a husband who can untangle yarn. Don’t hate me.)
BUT close up, oh my. I have to say, when the call went out to work from ugly fabric, I thought to myself, self, we have no ugly fabric. We have fabric that is best used sparingly, or in really small pieces. Really small. The clock fabric…what was I thinking? Was it free? I don’t remember. I bought the stained glass stuff at the LQS, just because other quilters were being mean to it. The daisies…hmmm. The strawberries, well, not so bad.
The frogs, well, my six year old has a pair of pants made out of that. I thought they were to be pajama pants, but they were so beloved that he wears them as pants. A lot. He’s also agitating to own this quilt. At least he won’t be able to wear it out of the house.


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  1. Having raised four kids and having sewn for them a lot when they were little…having been hauled off to the hospital in New Hampshire for carbon monoxide poisoning for a faulty stove in an airtight house back then, and having wished the kiddo wasn’t wearing his favorite mom-sewn outfit that day that by then had feet sized on him for a Chinese princess with bound feet…I am laughing too hard at that last line. Ohmygoodnessyes.

  2. You’ve got it! Absolutely fabulous. All sorts of fun fabric to look at and I bet your son COULD manage to wear it. hee hee hee. I love that stained glass fabric and of course the spider webs. very fun.

  3. “My friend and I laid it out on my Design Floor.” I love it! I know other quilters aren’t being stuffy when they mention their “design walls”, but for those of us quilting where/as we can, I love the formal ‘design floor’! Thanks for the laughter this morning. Oh, and I bet the 6 year old can find a way to wear the quilt out of the house too, but if that makes him happy, why not?

  4. You have some lovely funglies there! I actually own some of the darling star fabric! I just hope if your son wears the quilt, the mom sewn pants are on underneath!

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