What is this couch you speak of?

Look who got busted, being up on the couch! Cute, yes? I have a lovely week off work- I had planned to paint the kitchen, but the arthritis has other plans. I did put a little paint up on the wall, to see what I thought of the color. I think my days of doing my own painting are over. I only worked for about five or ten minutes, and I’m still icing my wrist. It’s odd that that makes me sad, because I really never enjoyed painting. I enjoyed the results, though, and the cheap thrill it can be to put color on the walls. I guess I have to figure out how to hire a painter, as my husband doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to learn.


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  1. Calling Dogbusters!Hey. Your kitten in the sidebar is a lot louder than it used to be–what a great purr! (I want a cat…)Someone asked me recently if I knit all the time. The honest answer was, not in the mornings; my hands don’t quite know how yet at those hours. They go slower than I do and stumble on themselves and gradually wake up as the day goes on.Good thing knitting is a lot lighter than paint brushes.

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