Polish Dolls

Yes, I know that the rest of the world thinks of these as Russian dolls, but they make them in Poland, too, and that’s where ours come from. My Grandma brought them back from a trip she took there in the 1970’s to look for relatives that might have survived WWII. There are a bunch of the dolls , and they nest, one inside of the other. We have a Father doll, too, but I haven’t made him in fabric yet.. I will have to ask my mom how the name of the dolls is spelled in Polish- she’s the last one who speaks or reads any Polish. Phonetically, it is ma- trush-ka, emphasis on the middle syllable.

ANYhooooo, are they not cute? I have to work on getting the faces rounder. If someone tells me how to post the pattern of the cut outs, I will, but I don’t know how to do that, yet. I left the edge of the babushka ( scarf) raw so that it will fray in the wash. If I stirred myself to embroider, I could do the faces, but as you see I just used pigment markers. I machined appliquéd, as usual. It would be a fun pattern to embellish. I am using it as a scrap bag pattern.


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  1. Those are super cute!! I wonder if you cut a hole in the babushka and put it over the face instead of putting the face on top, then the wonkiness would be due to her scarf and not to her own face (do you get what I mean? I’m not describing it well). Just a thought. Whatever you do…… they’re adorable.

  2. Carol- cutting a hole in the babushka is a great idea ( sound of hand slapping forehead) why didn’t I think of that? It makes more sense that the scarf would have angles, rather than her poor little stop sign face.

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