I like sugar

Especially sugar that involves bread. Edited to add the recipe:

Pull Apart Bread ( more of a method than a recipe, but it’s how I do it.)

One loaf’s worth of bread dough, prepared to the point of being ready to shape, or two cans of refrigerator biscuits My favorite is the King Arthur recipe .

One and one half cups brown sugar, mixed with one teaspoon cinnamon

one and one half sticks of butter, melted and cooled but still liquid

Grease a bundt pan and sprinkle the bottom with a tablespoon of the spiced brown sugar. Form the dough into small balls, slightly smaller than a golf ball, or cut each pre-made biscuit into quarters. Roll each dough ball into the melted butter and then the sugar. Continue in this way until the dough is used up. Pour the remaining butter over the balls of dough. Bake at 375 for about forty five minutes. Cool 5 minutes and then hold a plate over the top of the pan and turn the whole thing over so that the bread will un-mold onto the plate.


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