Solid Colors

One of my favorite quilters and authors has put out a new book. You can buy it here. It is a small book, with color photographs on every page. I inhaled it when it arrived, and immediately got to quilting.

Here we see the very formal design process I use, with my faithful assistant:

Now we have the careful studied intermediate phase. Note than I cannot give up on having some prints in my solid colors quilt. Also, I have been feeling blue, and I hear that chicken quilts are good for that.
And here we are at the phase where I have run out of fabric, also known as nearing completion. It is only about fifty by fifty inches. I wanted it to be much bigger, but I don’t know whether to keep doing the same thing, or to move on into a new idea on the edges. This portion could serve as a medallion, and I could just start with border after border. Not sure. That’s ok, it’s almost bedtime. I’ll think about it in the morning.


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  1. It’s looking great! And very cheery. I really like the way the patched strips sneak into the solid ones. I’d try adding borders in the same spirit — some pieced, but a few solids to keep it all from distracting too much from the chickens. Awesome quilt.

  2. It has a very Mexican feel :- ) I , too, like the pieced borders sneaking in at the edges. I think your idea of multiple borders would work.Sorry to read about the passing of your little Annie. It’s always hard to lose a loved one, no matter what species they happen to be.

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