I Blame Kay and Ann

of Mason Dixon Knitting, for this new obsession with dishcloth cotton. Above is the towel from their new book, below is the string bag I made up. I have four balls left of this stuff, from stash, and hopefully my fever will have cooled, by the time it is used up.

Otherwise, I am crabby. Not crabby in an enjoyable way, where I have constructed a mental fort underneath the card table or behind the sofa, but crabby in the unfun way, where I am startled at how irritable I am, and how much my children are getting on my nerves.

The dogs have a new toy, and it is excellent: a squeaker toy that they haven’t been able to rip up. It is this one, the Kong Wubba.

Otherwise, I am knitting along.


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  1. Yay, she’s knitting again! Hey, Clare, we had her first. (I think.) Speaking of which, any chance of running into you again at Copperfield Books a la Stephanie a week from Saturday?

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