Kuaii Quilt

I sort of used Lisa Boyer’s pattern, Little Honu. But, and I can’t blame the pattern for this, I missed a few directions on the wave blocks and they came out more pineapple than wave- ish. I know, they were paper pieced, so how could I screw that up? Well, by not paper piecing, silly. I’m sure the directions are fine. I also made red turtles instead of green ones. Doh. I backed it with fleece ( polyester, not sheep) and did very little quilting to hold the whole thing together. Son one is pleased, and that’s what matters. Not sure I have it in me to follow a pattern, no matter how much I admire the pattern.

I am in denial that school starts tomorrow. Not for me, for the kids, but then I am the one who gets them there. It has been a nice five days, that’s what, and I am a little let down that real life starts again so soon.


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  1. I do like turtles, however they come. Turtles wearing Hawaiian shirts–do they work at Trader Joe’s? (ducking)Seriously–that is a fun quilt. I get the impression I’m supposed to see something wrong with it? I can’t for the life of me figure what. Waves? Okay. I’ll wave hi.

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