Amy Butler Bags

Two bags from the Birdie Sling pattern. I have trouble following pattern directions. I think it is because I think have better ideas! That said, this pattern was very worthy of the price of admission. The shape is lovely, and the bag is very nice to use. Big, but not too big. Easy to find things, but nothing falls out when I slam on the brakes and the bag tumbles off the front seat. I did not sew a dividing line down the middle of the large pocket, so it fits a knitting pattern very nicely.The first fabric is Marimekko, the second from IKEA. The lining is a sheet from IKEA- they are nice cotton fabric, and come in good colors. Very cheap, too. I just tear the hems off to square up the fabric, wash and dry hot, and press.

Thanks for the kind words on the quilt. I wasn’t clear- I left the failed wave blocks out of the quilt. I used plain squares, instead. The failed blocks will show up again, of course. They are just filed away in my parts department, biding their time. I love the parts department.


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