Little Girl Sewing

Sorry about the night time pictures- the top picture has two pale pink fleece lined coats. The fabric is an Amy Butler design. The bottom one is more my style- whack-o polka dots in multiple scales. I know the family better for that one, and know that the mom shares my color sensabilities. Sewing for little girls id FUN!!! Boys, well, not so much, and mine have long since passed into the land of jeans and sweatshirts. I think I will make more of these, but I may have to resort to giving them to charity, because I only know three toddler girls and they now all have a fleece lined jacket.

The kids are off school for two wonderful weeks. We are planning to do….nothing. Late sleeping, visits to the beach, some kind of nature/ hiking thing, and nothing else. Maybe up to the mountains for a snow day.


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  1. these are way too cute….yes, i know what you mean…i only have one granddaughter…and there are only so many of the same pattern i can expect her to wearYEA to sleeping late!!!

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