Bedroom Re-Do, Part One

One of the most sobering thoughts I had, while ill with the flu, was that if anyone saw my bedroom, I would have to die of embarrassment. In fact, when I was really too ill to stand, and my husband insisted on taking me to the ED, I believe I got extra strength from the idea that if I were to collapse, he would call EMS, and than I would never be able to make eye contact with the fire dudes again. It’s a small town. Thus inspired, I have spent the last few days cleaning. A lot of cleaning.
I never had the mirror on this dresser before, because it would have reflected on the Giant Wall of Yarn and Craft Junk opposite it. It is now safe to reflect. I would usually not consider putting furniture in front of a window, but I think in this case it works. The furniture is all that lovely old waterfall style furniture from the 1930’s. I’ve gotten it at yard sales and thrift stores over the years.
Yes, a visit to IKEA for some cable curtain wire and some curtains, and the giant Wall of Yarn is now hidden from view. To the right is my husbands rats nest/ nightstand, and so I have omitted it from the photo to spare his feelings. And who am I to talk? I had to hang a freakin’ curtain to hide my stuff! The small grey lump between the pillows id my Eyore doll, long loved.
For those of you who are interested, here is a close up of the long arm quilting- they look like clouds to me. You may notice that the pillow cases match the sashing strips in the quilt. That is because when I was looking for the perfect red, I yanked the top sheet off, ripped off the hems, and called it yard goods. I’ve since bought another top sheet, plus extra, in case IKEA stops making this wonderful shade of red.

Part Two will have to be after I have it painted. I’m trying to think of some way to convince my husband that he could save us a boodle of money if he would learn to paint, but haven’t thought of anything yet.


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  1. Yes- the clock is one of those that resets itself by radio wave, so the time is always correct. The basket currently on the closet doorknob I am thinking of hanging on the wall under the clock. The two post it notes there now are love notes from my sons- haven’t taken them down, yet. As for me learning to paint I was a very good painter, before my arthritis got bad. I just can’t do it anymore. Too bad, because it is really quite fun to watch the color go up! So, I figure if I could paint, he could. Let’s see if the estimates change his mind!

  2. I would try to get you to come do my bedroom next but in all honesty my bedroom may well be the cleanest room in our house! (Well, tidiest.) Your room is looking great, as does the spiderweb quilt :- )

  3. Love the curtains.. great way to make something beautiful when you know it really isn’t! I have the same reasons for hoping no one has to come into my house. I better get busy………

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