Monthly Archives: March 2009

OLd Quilts

Check out this quilt. Link to ebay auction. I haven’t been sewing much. I have been not as well as I would wish, which is the bad news, and I am going to get to try the wonder drug H*umira, which is the good news. It has been special ordered, the pharmacy thinks it will be here Wednesday.

The rheumatologist was positively giddy- he said that if it works, it is a “home run” drug and that bicycling, swimming, and yoga could be in my future. I am enjoying the happy thoughts of it working for me. If it doesn’t, well, it might not, and I suppose I will be fine with that, if I have to be. But it is fun to dream.


camel shawl

Last Sunday I bought this nice camel yarn, handspun by women in Mongolia. The blue is indigo dyed, the dark red looks like madder and I don’t know about the orange. This is my standard no pattern pattern for a top down shawl. It’s very soothing to knit. When it is large enough, or I am out of yarn, I cast off.

Why I Hide Downstairs and Sew

Conversation between three men of the family:

Son #2: So black holes are real?
Dad: Sure they’re real.
S2: So what are they?
Dad: They’re places where the gravity is so strong that the light doesn’t have enough energy to get out; so they’re black.
S2: Then what happens to the light?
Dad: It just disappears.
Son #1 interjecting from the hallway: That’s not right, the black hole gains mass from the light.
Dad: (surprised) That’s right, the photons add to the mass of the black hole.
Son #2: So as the black hole gets bigger, the gravity gets stronger.
Dad: Right (backing slowly towards the door).

Folk Chicken

Isn’t he wonderful? There is a little drawer in the base. I like to think of whoever made it, and who he made it for, and if she liked it. I hope I have it long enough that the kids remember that I always had it, and that I raise the kind of kids who will want to keep it- or give it to their kids- when I’m gone.