OLd Quilts

Check out this quilt. Link to ebay auction. I haven’t been sewing much. I have been not as well as I would wish, which is the bad news, and I am going to get to try the wonder drug H*umira, which is the good news. It has been special ordered, the pharmacy thinks it will be here Wednesday.

The rheumatologist was positively giddy- he said that if it works, it is a “home run” drug and that bicycling, swimming, and yoga could be in my future. I am enjoying the happy thoughts of it working for me. If it doesn’t, well, it might not, and I suppose I will be fine with that, if I have to be. But it is fun to dream.


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  1. Remicade took me from dying to a total turnaround six years ago. Humira’s a better engineered version; my daughter, working on a PhD in a virology lab, looked up Humira two months ago and called me and said, Wow. Those guys really did their homework on this one! It’s a well-designed drug. Wishing you all the best, always.

  2. My best wishes for it to work for you, also. With all the advertising it has had, I didn’t realize it had to be special-ordered. By the way, I love the camel shawl. Was it your own version of EZ’s pi shawl, perhaps?

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