I’ll Take Placebo

I am somewhat better. I am waking up not as stiff, I have less pain. I have not taken Tylenol in two days- usually I am able to mark the clock until my next dose. I am shocked, though, at how weak I am. I have some muscle wasting- I have lost a lot of strength. I went to the gym, Fit Lite, so it is really not a scary place. Very low key. I rode the bike at no resistance, and did four of the fourteen machines at- guess what-no resistance. I have to take this as a chance to get stronger and stabilize my joints with muscle. I also did some gardening and could actually move. I am cautiously optimistic- I am hoping for the best. I am very grateful.


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  1. How about walking the visiting dog for 2-3 hours each day? (Not my favorite animal currently.) Anyway, here’s hoping, with fingers crossed, that things stay good and you commit to that gym plan.

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