Organized? Me?

Well, next Monday painters are descending on the house, so of course I have been sewing to get ready. And knitting. What? most people don’t start projects when they are expecting workman? Must be an interesting way to live. Bet they know where the spare key their husband made for the back door is, too. The first picture is over the cutting table, the second is over the machine. These are magnetic knife racks from IKEA, and dang, the tin man better not stand too close because they are STRONG! It’s nice to see the stuff all off the table. The little containers come from IKEA, too, and are meant for spices.

Right now the cutting table is just a table, with bins under it. I am pondering making a table out of cabinets or something, so that the storage is hidden. Right now it’s a little bit out in the open, and to the uninitiated can look a lottle chaotic. But to a crafter, of course, it looks like utter chaos that could lead to a project, and we all know that that is a good thing!

I got my copy of the new book by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston just before we sat down to the Seder last night, and have only looked through it briefly. It looks nice, though. MOre on that when I get a few moments to look closer.


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  1. I didn’t think of using knife racks for storing scissors and cutters. Good thinking Batman! Got any ideas for bulky rulers?Good luck with the painters and enjoy Freddy and Gwen.

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