My Life, My Chemicals

Humira works, people. It is wonderful. It is marvelous. I have my life back. You know the old story about how if you heat a live frog gradually in water, it won’t jump out and save it’s own life, but if you drop it suddenly in hot water, it will? Well, I was a cooked frog. And now I have jumped out. I have not taken Tylenol more than once a day for three whole days. It has been years since I have gone an entire day without Tylenol. Years.

I have gardened. I have washed a floor. I have knit. I have crocheted. I have sat on the floor and stood back up. I have woken up and been NOT STIFF. Usually, my joints are so stiff that if I move to fast, I fall, because I can’t get my feet under me. I just…stood up. I am in love with this drug, with the person who invented it, with the people who offered themselves up as the experimental group, with the whole shebang. Thank you, people. Thank you, drug company, thank you drug.


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  1. Oh, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear that. My daughter the microbio PhD candidate looked over the history and specs of Humira and marveled to me, “Wow: they knew their stuff!”

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