Well, I could have died, but I didn’t, and thats why it’s a good story

Just home from a thoroughly unpleasant series of events. I had a severe allergic reaction, though not technically anaphylaxis, as my blood pressure did not bottom out. The worst thing is, I don’t know what I reacted to. The best thing is I was working in the hospital, and all of the care, ever the really unpleasant parts,like a nasal access laryngoscopy ( ouch- too sick for sedation) were done quickly and lifesavingly. I have been in the swarm around the bed before, setting up for intubation, but never the one the scope was planned for. And after I escaped intubation that time, I was kept in the monitored area for a few hours, to make sure it wasn’t a biphasic reaction. It was. I got scared said my nurse’s name ( I will never forget Cynthia- my goal in life is now to be that nurse to a patient) she looked at me, started paging people, and when my airway closed up, the bed swarm was assembled. The epinephrine worked, again, but I earned my self a stay in the monitored care unit, right next to the ICU, with the ICU charge nurse stopping by periodically to make me talk, so she could hear if I was getting squeakier. I currently sound like Betty Boop or maybe Minnie Mouse. I have two weeks off work, an allergist very interested to seeing me in the morning, and a profound love for my fellow nurses and the physicians who did their thing so well. I’m proud of the Kaiser hospital I work at, and I’m happy to be alive.If they hadn’t reacted as well, if they hadn’t kept me for so long, I’d have died.. I’m so very grateful . SO, what’s everyone knittig?


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  1. Goodness. I haven’t read you for a while and I come over and find this. I do hope they find out soon what it was so that you can stay well away from it. I’m so glad to read about how well you’re doing with the Humira: that’s just wonderful to read about – as you say, you have your life back. People used to bang on to me about how terrible it was that my mother was on steroids, but actually it was great that she was on steroids and had a bit of a life: what was terrible was the condition she had that required her to take them. I hope it goes well for you.

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