Oh Happy Day!!!

Here’s something I finished just before I got sick. It expresses how I feel right now- everything seem beautiful, the light is luminous, the air is sweet, the kids are being wonderful, really- even squabbling is music to my ears.
Here’s one that could be done, sometime soon. At issue is it’s size. It is a really big wall hanging, but too small to be a functional quilt. I have to sort out how I feel about quilts that just hang on walls- It is sort of like those dolls people collect for their daughters that the daughters are not allowed to touch. A bigger quilt would allow someone to snuggle under it, but would make it unlikely that anyone ever saw the whole design at once. I will think it over.


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  1. How ’bout using it as a lap quilt? Drape it decoratively over the back of the couch to be seen, then pull it down and warm up in it for movie watching or reading on cold evenings?BTW, so glad you had a good outcome from the allergic reaction. Didn’t you recently start a new RA med?

  2. Love your basket of flowers! What an exuberant design – it’s great! You could just keep adding borders to make it bed sized, but I happen to like wallhangings. It’s very graphic and deserves to be seen!Glad to hear you survived that scary-sounding allergic reaction! Yikes, that sounds bad. Hope you’re feeling better. Have you figured out what you reacted to yet?

  3. Any chance you could make a bunch of those as the creativity strikes, and then put them all together in one bigger quilt? Either way–that bird is singing for joy that you came out of everything okay, and so am I!

  4. both are terrific quilts-I like the idea of hanging the “wall hanging” over a couch-it is so colorful. And, I too am happy you survived and lived to tell that story…oh my.

  5. oh my goodness! I just found your blog. LOVE love love the happy brights! and that bird! how fun!!that’s hilarious about the dog toys under the couch… that’s better then stepping on them in the middle of the night! Ours end up always in the middle of the room, SQUEEEK!

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