Monthly Archives: May 2009

Another Chicken Quilt

Well, here they are. A lot of chickens, mostly out of Marimekko fabric. I scored a pile of it at a close out place. I am so in love with the background fabric. It looks like a crayon drawing.
Here’s the finished top:I am pretty pleased. I like the chicken in the middle row that looks like she’s walking really fast.


Spring bird

I was noticing that the finches that come to my feeder are yellow, now, and in winter and spring they are olive. I thought they were a different kind of finch, but when I looked in the bird book it says that that is what goldfinches do- change color season to season. Who knew?

The flowers are magnolia. The branches were done by cutting and then inserting the black strips. I bought this black fabric at a close out place, and after I got home I loved it so much that I went back and bought all they had. They didn’t have much, though- only four yards. It looks like the fabric is colored with wax crayons, and I love it so much.

I was thinking of making these quilts in a series. It is supposed to be good for artists to work in a seres, so I will give it a go. Right now I am on an appliqued chicken kick, though, and I will take some photos after the sun comes up. I can’t decide if I should piece all the chickens into one top, or make a seres of wall hangings. Hmm.


Mary’s first independent quilts. They are about twelve by twelve. She pieced and free motion quilted them.
This was the gateway drug- er QUILT. I made what she told me to make. M made the color decisions in the small blocks and most of the decisions in the applique. She has to sew her own binding.

Yes, folks, i have ensnared another quilter. ( It’s double bonus points, because I also got her addicted to knitting.) My best friend M was in town, and said she wanted to see me sew. I didn’t really teach, I just talked as I did things and she took it and ran. I miss her very much. She is a much better person than I am- right now she is backpacking with a bunch of high school boys from the school her husband’s biology class. Nerves of steel, that girl.