Chair, Part Two

This is the glider that my dear Grammie bought me when I was expecting my first child. She did not live to see him. At that time I was very into soft floral and tapestry fabrics, sort of a country garden thing. The upholstery fit right into that. Well, I rocked both boys in this, but it really did not fit my current tastes. New cushions can be ordered, but they were pricey, and none of them really were much better, in any case.

I wasn’t sure I was a technical enough sewist to make new cushions, as they attach to the chair with some very specific snaps and clips. I had decided to take the plunge, and had layed the back cushion down on the fabric to ponder, when I realized that I could use the hardware that is there. At first I thought of cutting it off, and sewing it onto the new fabric, but then I realized that if I just covered the old cushions, I could make a button hole opening anywhere that the hardware had to come through, and there you are. The fabric is upholstery weight from IKEA. Twelve bucks, total. I call it a success!

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  1. Fabulous! Love that print! I did something similar with my glider chair a few years back. I covered it in a batik that I liked and closed it up with velcro. Now I can easily slide it off and throw it in the wash.

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