Singer, How I love Thee

A mere $15US in a junk store. Works. Works well, even. Spent a happy day oiling the machine and polishing the cabinet. I think it is my pinnacle of junk shop shopping. Of course, I have no where to put it- I live in a doll house. I am eying all the other furniture, trying to decide who will get thrown off the island to make room.

I notice in all these old machines- both the ones I buy and the ones I do not- that it never looks like the owner intended to stop sewing. The bobbin is wound. The machine is threaded. The drawers are full of notions and buttons. In a way, this comforts me. When I am too old, or too arthritic to sew, I won’t know when the last day of sewing is. I’ll just leave my bobbin full.


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  1. Wow! What a beautiful cabinet! I have a very nice treadle Singer but the cabinet is a mess. I hope to eventually find a nice cabinet with no machine. You scored there for sure.

  2. Holy cow! What a deal! I'd be looking at the rest of my furniture with a speculative eye too. Something else has to be expendable to make room for that beauty!Profound insight on our last day of sewing too. We never know when it will be do we?

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