Monthly Archives: September 2009

Oh, Hai….

Still here.

not recommended:

Lumbar puncture ( spinal tap)
post tussive emisis ( coughing until you throw up)- quick, protect the laptop!
letting the dog on the bed before checking him for ticks ( will I create some kind of super Lyme/flu?)

Having the kind of neighbor who takes your bored, hyper dog for the day, leave cold seltzer and hot coffee on the porch, and acts like this is all no big deal
sending the kids and husband to the sister in laws

Swine Flu

I has it. The CDC wants people to blog about it, so I am. They thought I had meningitis, so H1N1 is actually a much better deal. Yeah for little Miss Sunshine, always finding the pony in the pike of poo!

Somedays You’re the Monster, Somedays the Gnome

Ugly or scary? Not much of a choice, actually, all though the odd little creature is actually very cuddly.

I am having bad nursing mojo. I am sick of my hospital and the weird things going on with management. I am sick of the doctors who put pressure on me to place lines, teach,and get the patients out the door. I am sick of the patients who don’t realize that the fact that they are ALIVE and able to bitch at me is a modern miracle, that even ten years ago they would not have lived, let alone had the option to bitch at me. I am tired of the coworker with the chronic everything, bless her little malingering heart, and I am tired of the the coworkers who care less, more, or about different things than me.

None of this is any ones fault, really, but if someone were to come to me and say, wide eyed and earnest: “I want to be a nurse. I am going to help people, make a difference in people’s lives, and give my all to humanity”.

I would turn to them, and with a tone somewhere between a shriek and a growl ” Run!!! Run for your life! You will be harmed by this profession, you will see horrible, haunting things. You will be treated like dirt, and you will be shit on. Literally. You will be mocked by doctors and looked down upon by many, many people. You will be back stabbed, you will be humiliated, you will try your best and be told that your best is not good enough. Run for your life. Find another job.”

So, uhm, if you are a new nurse, or thinking about becoming a nurse, go find someone else to talk to.

More doll quilts

More dolls, too, but my camera went on a trip without me. When Mr Wooly brings it home, I’ll photograph. While he was gone the boys and I watched two Harry Potter movies, ate out once, went to the bookstore and bought one book each, took the dog to the dog park, and ran the dishwasher twice. I also cleaned out the fridge and made bread pudding, sewed three totebags, finished one doll who only needed feet, started another, who only needs….feet, decided that the blanket I was knitting was big enough to be a baby blanket for afghans for Afghans, and atrted another baby blanket out of all the single balls of chinky yarn lurking around here. Not a bad weekend. Before he left I cut out, pieced, quilted and bound a lap quilt for my MIL ( disapearing nine patch with BIG patches). I’m not sure how it was recieved, as she didn’t call or anything, but at least I made the effeort. Thank G-d I have a roomba!