Good News/ Bad News

The bad news is I’m losing my vision in one eye rather rapidly.

The good news is its a cataract.
The bad news is no one knows why I would suddenly grow a cataract in one eye at age forty.
The good news is that lots and lots of people have this surgery- almost half of people in the US have had it by age eighty.
The bad news is that they fix it with a knife.
The good news is that I get a corrective lens implant, meaning that in that eye I will have much, much better vision, even without glasses.
The bad news is, I’m a little afraid.
The good news is, I get to keep my sight.
The good news wins.

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  1. Oh you poor love. How frightening. At least it is a cataract and nothing worse.Mum had them in both eyes and the doctors fixed it with laser treatment. I would have thought the US would do the same.

  2. My brother-in-law had that surgery at I think 40; it's not so unusual.My daughter had that surgery at age, I kid you not, SEVEN. You can do it. Go Laura. I will see you and be all the more grateful you can see me! at Stitches next month.

  3. I had two cataracts removed about fifteen years ago. It was easy then, and is even better now. My friend had it done a couple of weeks ago, and she is very pleased with the result! She was knitting less than a week afterwards. They measure your eye just by you looking into a computer. I'll say a prayer for you.

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