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I Blame Mimi

Look what I did to keep myself busy the week after eye surgery! Fresh Fish! Pattern from Mimi Kirchner, here. I can’t sell these, because Mimi makes them to sell, so I have a whole bunch of fish. I suspect small people will carry them off over time. There’s two girls across the street with mermaid costumes that get a fair bit of use, and Son 2 gave one to his play date friend today. So amusing to watch her pick- looking very serious and careful. Finally, she said she picked the softest, cuddliest one, “because they are all so beautiful” Awwwwwww.


Safety Cone Goes to Legoland

Here is safety Cone enjoying the sumptuous hotel pillow experience, with a dragon friend.
And here he is at the pool, keeping an eye on things.
Finally, here he is managing a suitcase explosion. No clothes, or cones, were harmed in the search for the last clean socks. He was so excited about Legoland that we could not get him to sit still for pictures, but you get the idea.

I Got Nothing

I have been feeling really crappy. I am sort of stuck mostly not getting up, and it sucks. Ok then, on to the silver lining bit. I have made a bunch of crochet fortune cookies, only using a little strip of fabric, cut out with pinking shears, instead of ribbon.

I am taking my young son to a birthday party at one of those kids party places, which I know from experience has no where for the adults to sit down while the kids do their frantic party going. I’ll be the one sitting on the floor, trying to ( unsuccessfully) look normal. Don’t stare when I get up, OK?
Tomorrow, I am having people over for a coffee thing that I can’t cancel, so I hope DH feels like cleaning when he gets home from work tonight. Being married to someone with a chronic condition means you never know when she will off load (ie: dump) a bunch of work on you. ( Do you think there’s a card for that? I’ll have to DIY it, because I don’t feel like I can make it to the store, anyway.)
It’s raining, which is so good for the drought, but so wet. It was sunny yesterday, though, and i managed to get some pictures of the spinning wheel I am selling. It’s a pretty wheel- I just spend more time worrying about it than using it, and i still really like my dorky plastic Babe, and my Hitchhiker ( which is neither dorky, nor plastic, but is not traditional looking.)
And so, another weekend. Have a nice one!

Warning: Vegetables ahead

I found the nicest blog today, thanks to Like me, she has some health issues, like me, she is a mad, mad, mad crafter. Thant’s where the resemblance ends- I live in the middle of nowhere and Alicia lives in New York City ( announcer voice)

However, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, I saw the pattern, I made the pattern, I put the safety cone on my kids plate. I cracked myself up, at least.

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