I Got Nothing

I have been feeling really crappy. I am sort of stuck mostly not getting up, and it sucks. Ok then, on to the silver lining bit. I have made a bunch of crochet fortune cookies, only using a little strip of fabric, cut out with pinking shears, instead of ribbon.

I am taking my young son to a birthday party at one of those kids party places, which I know from experience has no where for the adults to sit down while the kids do their frantic party going. I’ll be the one sitting on the floor, trying to ( unsuccessfully) look normal. Don’t stare when I get up, OK?
Tomorrow, I am having people over for a coffee thing that I can’t cancel, so I hope DH feels like cleaning when he gets home from work tonight. Being married to someone with a chronic condition means you never know when she will off load (ie: dump) a bunch of work on you. ( Do you think there’s a card for that? I’ll have to DIY it, because I don’t feel like I can make it to the store, anyway.)
It’s raining, which is so good for the drought, but so wet. It was sunny yesterday, though, and i managed to get some pictures of the spinning wheel I am selling. It’s a pretty wheel- I just spend more time worrying about it than using it, and i still really like my dorky plastic Babe, and my Hitchhiker ( which is neither dorky, nor plastic, but is not traditional looking.)
And so, another weekend. Have a nice one!

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